EM J5 and J6 single coil Bass Pickups

Although there are many guitar pickup manufacturers that fulfill almost any demand of the luthier or player for pickups, I felt there is a gap in the supply side of single coil pickups for 5- and 6-string Bass guitars with the sound character of the original 4-string Fender Jazz Bass pickup.

EM Bass Pickups custom made by Kent Armstrong

These "side by side" hum bucking pickups have already been used as a standard on my basses for many years. The coils are placed vertically on both sides of a rail sufficiently wider then the string spacing. Since the magnetic field runs from both sides to the top (polarity of sides is reversed to top/bottom), the field above the pickup is similar to that of a single coil (polarity of top is reversed to bottom) thus creating a single coil character sound with the advantage of hum canceling.

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