Protection with Gigbags

Gigbags are handy and easy to carry your guitar or bass. But they do not offer the same degree of protection as cases do. It might happen that you bump in to something or someone in the crowd. After arriving at the gig, you discover that the strings had been pressed into the fretboard too heavily. One or more frets have been damaged and they are not level with the others anymore, or the fretboard of your fretless appear to have some dents, making it impossible to play certain notes properly.
Until now, I had a few instruments coming in for repair showing such damages that could have been avoided so easely. Here's the solution:
Take a piece of smooth cloth or cardboard and slide it between the strings and the fretboard before putting the instrument in the Gigbag. This way you get some extra protection for your precious instrument. It's just that simple and cheap too!

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